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Emergency Operational Plan (EOP)

Occurrence of natural, economical, social, political, military and technical incidents and emergency events has been a familiar issue for human through history. However, in spite of some experiences and successes, damages due to emergencies are wide and formidable. Occurrence of natural and unnatural disasters and their due considerable damages has demonstrated the importance of managing in those events for all related authorities.
The necessity for providing vital services of water distribution system and Sewage collection to the subscribers by Water and Wastewater Companies intensifies the significance of their legal and social responsibilities. Therefore it is necessary for Water and Wastewater Companies to obtain a real and proper knowledge about the unforeseen incidents for their field of activity and assess readiness of the company for preventing from these events and providing necessary mechanisms for confronting them in their organizations. Preparation of Emergency Operational Plan (EOP) for Water and Wastewater Projects is mentioned as an innovational project in administrative management Water & Wastewater Companies.
The Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) is a useful and necessary tool to assist water and wastewater systems to organize the planning purposes of the company, and to provide a comprehensive and accurate reference for various basic information and data that should be included in an emergency operational plan. Generally this plan is an essential part of managing the operation of water & wastewater systems and a process by which water & wastewater systems managers and staffs explore responses to vulnerabilities, make improvements and establish procedures to be followed up in an emergency. Preparing an emergency operation plan and practicing it has an important role to continue the water & wastewater services to people, save lives, prevent Social and environmental problems, enhance system security, minimize property damage, environmental impact and also increase the employees' perception and commitment.
The overall purpose of this plan (EOP) is to prepare necessary recipes for continuity of operation of water & wastewater installation in an incident happening and to minimize the damages resulting from natural disasters or human threats.



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