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Engineering Services

Financial and Economical Studies of the Projects

1- Performing the economical studies of projects including:
• Determination of Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
• Determination of Pay Back Period
• Determination of Net Present Value Now (NPV)
• Analysis of Break-Even Point
• Evaluation of Value Added (EVA)
• Evaluation the productivity of the project
• Evaluation the project’s economizing of foreign currency
• Determination of financial sources impacts over the Rate of Return
• Analysis of risk and susceptibility of the projects

2- Financial investigations including:
• Assessment of Constant Capital (using prices for equipments and machinery for the process from internal and international manufacturers)
• Assessment of Working Capital
• Assessment of annual production costs
• Assessment of annual depreciation
• Assessment of annual selling of projects products
• Assistance of Salvage Value at end of operational phase
• Assessment of finished price with the costs analysis
• Determination of financial sources of the projects and their financial costs
• Determination of scheduling for financial sources
• Determination of loss and profit of projects for total investment
• Determination of loss and profit of projects for stockholders
• Determination of interest of loans for facilities pay back

3- Financial supply for investment projects including:
• Studies for internal financial coverage for investment projects
• Studies for foreign financial coverage for investment projects (Islamic development Bank, World Bank and ...)
• Providing consultant for choosing the best alternative for capital coverage
4- Performing economical consultants regarding the selection of the best method and alternative for execution and operation of the projects

5- Calculation of finished price for each unit of product or service



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