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First accredited consultant for retrofitting in water engineering class


Records and major activities:

- Plan management of executive organization (National Water and Wastewater Engineering Company) for conducting the first and second generation of studies of retrofitting water systems in eight great cities of our country in the following fields:  

1- Arrangement, planning, control and infrastructural activities

2- Management of providing plan (first phase - quality and quantity studies)

3- Management of detailed plan (second phase providing executive plan and execution)

4- Management of commodity preparation

5- Preparing technical ID of the project, training and information management activities

6- Cooperation with the employer for undeliverable responsibilities of executive organizations

- Holding training workshop for retrofitting water system in National Management and Planning Organization

- Preparing instructions, technical and management documents for retrofitting studies of water systems.

(Preparing the draft for magazine no. 365, the periodical of National Management and Planning Organization), Up to now approximately 15 instructions have been provided.

- Preparing instructions and arranging priority of other cities for retrofitting studies of water systems.

- Investigation of studies done by JICA (Japanese International Cooperation Agency) regarding crisis management of Tehran and its compatibility with the studies of retrofitting of water systems in this city.

- Vast cooperation with universities and institutions active in the field of retrofitting and earthquake dangers studies.

- Conducting and management of retrofitting plan for eight cities and providing an appropriate ground for the studies of other cities, which will be included in future.

 In progress projects: Plan management of retrofitting studies for water system of the following cities:

Tehran        Ghazvin            Tabriz               Rasht               Shiraz 

Kermanshah                Bojnourd                     Mashahd




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