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Engineering Services
Studies of design of water supply, transmission, filtration, storage and distribution facilities

1- Studies of surface groundwater resources including: hydrology, hydrogeology, hydro- geochemistry, meteorology, geology and engineering geology.
2- Water quality studies
3- Intakes’ study and design
           • Wells (deep, shallow or Felman)
           • Littoral (river)
           • Littoral (sea)

4- Treatment plant study and design
           • Improvement
           • Customary treatment plants
           • Desalinations (RO, MED, MSF, ED)

5- Pumping stations
6- Transmission lines
7- Reservoirs (aerial and ground)
8- Distribution networks
9- Consumption management
           • Reduction of unaccounted for water
           • Consumption control

10- Designing the technical buildings of the projects


مهندسین مشاور پارس آب تدبیر


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