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Quality Policy

In Pars AB Tadbir Company, which is one of the most reliable consultant engineering companies of the country, we believe that for survival in the competitive market we should always consider mutually agreed requirements with customers and also governmental requirements related to perpetual improvement direction and always try to realize their satisfactions.
Companyís management believes that this can only be archived with focusing on the following issues:

1- Improving customers satisfactions
2- Employing a systematic and international approach for managing and conducting of our organization
3- Improving the quality by taking actions to eliminate nonconformity of projects or Using appropriate equipments, tools and technologies
4- Using high quality suppliers
5- To enhance personnel s durability and satisfactions by training, motivation, job satisfaction and also deployment of culture of quality,
6- Loyalty towards optimal usage of the national resources and protecting
7- Loyalty to the ethical charter of consultation in order for keeping customerís information and avoiding anti-ethical treatments with the rival companies and institutions

Thatís why the company has established the quality management system based on Iso9001:2008 ، ISO 10006:2003 ، ISO1004:2010 ، ISO1002:2004 standard and its additional requirements for customers and also has appointed a representative for supervising this issue. I will also examine the performance of this system from the viewpoint of meeting the customerís requirements and also the quality policy at certain times and also will allocate the required resources for overcoming the shortages and realization of continuous improvements of that system.

Farzad Ariyadoost
Managing Director





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