Implement part of Mashhad's water supply projects by buyback method

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مشخصات فنی طرح

Construction of a transmission line from the water sources of Hazar Mosque to the existing water treatment plant in Mashhad, made of steel and GRP pipes with diameters of 1000 to 1600 mm and 8 units of pumping stations with a thrust height of about 1400 meters.
Construction of excess water transmission line of Golestan river with GRP pipe approximately 10 km long with 900 mm diameter along with diverter dam and a pumping station unit.
Construction of a water transmission line from west of Mashhad wells to the existing treatment plant of Mashhad, about 60 km long

جزئیات پروژه

project subject Water Facilities
Services Provided Project Management(MC)
How to implement the project Procurement & Construction
Employer Khorasan Razavi Regional Water Company
start date : 2022
End date: -
Project location: Razavi Khorasan

محل اجرا

Khorasan Razavi