PAT offers the following engineering services for these sub-categories of wastewater facilities and surface water disposal:

-          Collection systems and transmission lines

·         Domestic connections

·         Secondary lines of sewer networks

·         Main lines of sewer networks

·         Transmission lines

·         Pumping stations

·         Lift stations

·         Related installations and facilities (manholes, siphons, overflows etc.)

-          Urban, rural and Industrial wastewater treatment plants

·         Conventional treatment

·         Advanced treatment

·         Capacity and process improvement

-          Effluent reuse

·         Determining the potential usages

·         Quality requirements for a variety of uses

·         Determining the used methods

-          Surface water collection networks

·         Secondary collecting channels

·         Main collecting channels

Organizing watercourses

More Wastewater Facilities Projects

Some Wastewater Facilities Projects