All industries supply some part of their required resources through domestic and international markets. Delegating the management of the supply chain for such resources to expert trading companies leads to speeding up the process, cost and risk management and achieving the desired quality of resources safely and efficiently.

PAT, using centralized management, professional, specialized and experienced staff, strong communications capabilities, information capacity and knowledge of the latest trade as customs laws and regulations, has been able to conduct any business operation (domestic trade, importing and exporting commodities, clearance of goods and business consulting, etc.) appropriately and in the shortest time.

Among the strengths of PAT is gathering best professional and specialized experts in the fields of international trade as well as domestic commercial services; speed, accuracy and honesty in all commercial services, and providing the most appropriate solutions to protect the economic interests of the customers.

• Market research and identification of the appropriate market

• Procurement technical and engineering services

• Negotiations and business correspondence

• Registration of import order in the commercial order registration system

• Obtaining the necessary permits (import and export of commodities and services)

• Insurance and inspection services

• Shipping services

• Customs affairs and customs clearance

• Logistics and warehousing services at origin and destination

• .....