Pars AB Tadbir Consultant Engineering Company (PAT) provides consulting services to its employers and customers in order for the development and realization of new ideas and defining their projects, and provides the necessary support by means of its multi-disciplinary and experienced team using various specialties.

It is highly important for employers, investors, customers of each project to understand the technical, operational and economic constraints and records of a particular project clearly and at different levels before deciding to invest or plan to start that project. They also need to be aware of different ideas and strategies while thinking about different solutions.

 PAT facilitates the above processes, helps to identify and mitigate environmental, social and economic impacts and obtains the necessary permits from various authorities. It also provides the following services to its employers with its experienced staff:

• Feasibility pre-assessment studies and bank feasibility studies

• Cognition studies and preparation of a conceptual and comprehensive plan

• First phase studies and preliminary and basic design

• Second phase studies and detailed design

• Job referral services and bidding using different methods, i.e. C, EPC, DBO, BOT, etc.

• Consulting services for public-private partnership (PPP) projects

• Value engineering and reengineering

• Workshop and administrative supervision on execution

• .....