These days, along with the development of plans, their management and realization has also become more sophisticated, and requires an executive organization with technical capacity and the proportional executive system that, while equipping and mobilizing resources in a full manner, has the capability to monitor and manage them. Professional project management is required to achieve project goals in terms of time, quality and cost.

PAT, due to its years of experience in preparing and implementing water industry projects and by benefitting from with an experienced team, has the competence to provide the mentioned services. In summary, by using the services of the project management (fourth factor) in a project effectively, the following achievements and results are obtained:

• Integration of project definition

• Reduction of project execution time 

• Strengthening of monitoring and control of project implementation

• Increasing project quality and ensuring project results

• Mitigating the risk of project execution

• Optimal use of IT in creating a project knowledge base

• Creating synergy in the implementation of various projects

• Selecting contractors with appropriate capabilities that match the needs of each project

• .......