Company Introduction

Pars AB Tadbir Consultant Engineering Company (PAT) commenced its activities for providing specialized consulting services in the field of water industry and environment in the year 2001. Meanwhile with proper management and planning as well as hard works of its managers and experts during the past years, it has been able to be qualified as a first-tier consultant in the field of water and wastewater network and treatment plants, and has obtained ISO9001, ISO10002, ISO10004, and ISO10006 certificates, and also has been registered as a consultant with the Islamic Development Bank (IDB). PAT has also expanded its activities in other specialized fields from offshore seawater intake facilities and desalination plants, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA), retrofitting, structure, project management, surveying, GIS, as well as irrigation and drainage network, etc. Since 2013, the company has established itself in the field of implementation by expanding its activities, being qualified for contracting in the field of water, operation and maintenance of sewer networks, water facilities and treatment plants and receiving ISO14001, OHSAS18001, HSE certifications. Accordingly, it has succeeded in receiving the rank 1 in the subspecialty of non-industrial Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC). Currently, the managers and experts of PAT, using their experiences and up-to-date knowledge, and within the framework of national and international codes and standards, try to promote the efficiency of investments and to satisfy its employers by performing the required engineering services for the relevant projects. Relying on nearly two decades of valuable experience and superior technical and engineering capacity and having high specialized knowledge, we hope to be able to play an effective role in this field, and to take action for developing our country's infrastructure by implementing efficient projects.

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