Efficient operation and active maintenance of facilities is one of the pre-requisites for long-term success of infrastructure projects. The purpose of operational consulting is to maximize operational performance, operational safety, availability and efficiency of facilities while using resources optimally and economically. Due to the long experience of PAT in the field of design and implementation, the employers in this field can trust the knowledge of the experts of this company in the fields of civil engineering, process engineering, management, economics, legal affairs and contract management.


Some of the services that can be provided by this company in this field are as follows:


• Developing and reviewing operational methods to coordinate operations

• Developing and reviewing in accordance with the codes for the use of equipment, materials and parts used in facilities

• Continuous review and control regarding compliance with codes of operation, personnel operations, devices, machines, tools and equipment

• Performing minor and general modifications and changes in equipment, machinery and devices to increase efficiency, reduce operating and maintenance costs and increase safety

• Proper and timely implementation of service, maintenance and repair of facilities for their use in normal and emergency operations

• Implementation of preventive maintenance (PM) plan in facilities

• .....