PAT, using its extensive experience in the detailed design of water and wastewater facilities, and using its capable human resources as well as significant financial resources and equipment has tried to play a more active role in developing hydraulic and environmental infrastructure of our country, after obtaining the necessary qualification certificate in 2017.

Considering the sophistication and size of projects, PAT offers engineering, procurement, construction and project management services for various projects directly or in cooperation with reputable companies. Its top priority has been full coordination of sites and serious cooperation with suppliers to deliver high quality projects in a timely manner and within the limits of the budget.

Contracting services that can be provided to employers are as follows:

• Construction planning management

• Contract management

• Regular system analysis and continuous monitoring to improve performance

• Monitoring the quality and implementation of codes through internal and external audits

• Project cost control and preparation of project financial performance reports

• Procurement and management of machinery

• Evaluating the performance of project managers

• Recruitment and allocation of human resources

• Project archives and project documentation