Performing engineering services in the fields of:

-          Providing consulting and monitoring on a variety of geographic information systems (GIS) projects and standardization of GIS maps

-          Design and preparation of spatial databases

-          Design and production of localized apps in the field of GIS (Desktop App-Web GIS)

-          GIS and data collection software development, as complete standalone for iOS and Android

In the following areas:

·         Collection and preparation of technical information of water and wastewater networks in GIS format, in order to design various components of water-supply and sewage network projects, as well as modification and reconstruction of water networks and sewage systems.

·         Mechanized preparation of various maps in GIS formats for water and wastewater industry, as a part of maintenance management and planning system, to modify digital data storage system and easily update the information in GIS environment.

·         Preparing, collecting and managing information and different layers in the GIS software environment, in order to carry out disaster preparedness and response planning for emergency circumstances.

·         Predicting future needs and planning for hydraulic modeling system development in GIS system environment, for planning, design, modification and operation of the system and training the operator's personnel.

·         Preparing a database of computerized benchmarks in each city for geographic information system (GIS) software, along with a descriptive and graphic illustration of the location of these points.

·         Network development planning and data entry for non-implemented or under construction pipelines or status report for current projects, as well as their progress in GIS software and smart as built maps in the environment.

·         Data management and online display of information (WEBGIS).

·         Preparation, production and implementation of software for data collection of water and wastewater industry facilities in the form of the Android OS.

·         Preparation and production of software for online personal and vehicle tracking (AVL).