Consulting and economic feasibility studies of the project:

·         Calculating the cost per unit of product or service

·         Calculation and analysis of economic indicators such as: Economic Net Present Value (ENPV) of the project, Economic Internal Rate of Return (EIRR) of the project, estimation of the project efficiency, estimation of Value Added (EVA) of the project, and break-even point analysis etc.

·         Economic consulting on selecting the best ways in the implementation and operation of projects


Consulting, financial feasibility studies and financing of the projects:

·         Studying and consultations to determine the best methods of providing and mobilizing financial resources for the project (foreign financing, current finance, finance for Article 56, BOT, etc.)

·         Performing financial calculations, determining financial indicators and analysis using Comfar III and Excel

·         Cooperating with the employer and completing the process of obtaining the necessary permits for the project financing

·         Necessary negotiations in order to identify and attract financial resources and investments for projects

·         Ensuring acceptance and committing all project costs and risks by projects parties


Supervising the optimal use of financial resources of the projects:

·         Preparing financing and budgeting plan and obtaining the necessary approvals as required

·         Timely control of the allocation of financial resources to the project

·         Managing and supervising the optimal financial performance of the project

·         Periodic inspections of the project and providing financial and physical progress reports at frequency specified by the employer and giving the necessary warnings to the employer