PAT offers environmental engineering services in the following areas:


-          Environmental impact assessment for construction of urban sewage collection system and urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants, and reuse of effluent

-          Environmental impact assessment of dams, power and hydropower plants and water supply facilities

-          Environmental impact assessment of development plans (industrial parks, slaughterhouses and industries)

-          Environmental impact assessment of infrastructure projects (highways, railways, airports and ports)

-          Environmental impact assessment of oil and gas projects (refineries, pipelines, exploration and development of oil and gas fields)

-          Environmental-social impact assessment (EIA & SIA) for construction of water intake facilities, water desalination and effluent disposal

-          Preparing environmental management and monitoring plans for water and wastewater projects, industrial development, infrastructure etc.

-          Preparing management executive plans

·         Industrial effluent

·         Urban solid/hazardous wastes

·         Natural resources etc.

-          Preparation of emergency operational plans (EOP) for dealing with unforeseen events  to continue the operation of water and sewage facilities