Board members and senior managers


Fereydoon Ghobadi
BS in Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University (1972)
MS in Water and Wastewater Engineering,University of IHE in Delft in the Netherlands (1992)
  Member of the board
Mohammad Hossein Nikbakht
BS in Environmental Health Engineering, University of Tehran (1985)
MS in Environmental Civil Engineering, University of Tehran (2008)
    Vice chairman
Farzad Aryadoost
BS in Civil Engineering, University of Tabriz (1987)
    CEO & Member of the board
Mohsen Sarvmaili
BS in Civil Engineering - Water & Wastewater - University of Water and Power Industry (2002)
MS in Civil Engineering- Environment - University of Tehran (2005)
    Department manager of water projects & Member of the board
Morteza Eazi
BS in Water Agriculture Engineering -Oromieh University (2004)
MS in Civil Engineering-Water - Isfahan University of Technology (2006)
    Department manager of accounting & Member of the board
Reza Khabir
MS in Accounting - Islamic Azad University (2015)
    Department manager of WWTPs projects
Saeedeh Ghafuri
BS in Civil Engineering-Water - Khajeh Nasir Tousi University (1994)
    Department manager of Sewerage and Environment Projects
Ehsan Mohammad Rezaei
Bs in Civil Engineering - Water - South Tehran Azad University (2005)
Ms in Civil Engineering - Environment - West Tehran Azad University (2015)